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Story behind Meteorite Collection


The whole story started with a stargazing.

Inspirations - James & Irisa Jewellery

This is a picture of a meteor shower happened in the space from our perceptions as jewellery designers.

Meteorite is a rough rock with many minerals. Its texture, its geometric shape, its moving trace, and its colour. All of these have their own beauty. In our collection, we focus on two characteristics, the texture and the trace.


We chose natural Australian opal, diamond and solid yellow gold.

Materials - James & Irisa Jewellery

The reasons behind this selection are the colour and metallic lustre of yellow gold, the play of colour inside opal and the sparking of diamond. We think these elements are best players to illustrate the aesthetics of meteorite.


Meteorite Collection - James & Irisa Jewellery

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*Artwork ©James & Irisa

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