Bespoke Process

Step 1: Get started with the bespoke enquiry form below to share all your needs, including design, metal, gemstones, and budget.

Step 2: Upon receiving your enquiry form, we will promptly email you videos showcasing our stunning gemstones based on your requests.

Step 3: Once the gemstone is confirmed, we will email you design options and quotes based on your selection and requests in step 1 & 2 to finalize the design.

Step 4: Once the design and gemstone are set, a 60% initial deposit is needed to secure your exclusive order. Following this, we will begin processing your exclusive order.

Throughout the production journey, we'll provide progress updates at key milestones to share the magic of your James & Irisa bespoke jewellery.

The entire production process typically lasts 7-8 weeks and the final payment is required upon completion. A video showcasing the completed jewellery will be sent to you once it's done. Once all completed jewellery is approved, we'll ship it out after the balance is paid. The deposit is non-refundable.

*To secure the gemstone for more than 3 days, a non-refundable AU$300 reservation fee is needed. It will be deducted from the full payment when the bespoke order begins.

Ready for a bespoke order? Please use the form below to tell us your bespoke requirements in details.